Company MICROS has been founded in February 1994 focusing on production and trade of microscopes and microtomes. Advanced ergonomic design and new optics for a large variety of applications guarantee the success of the product range. Originally MICROS was founded to sell high-grade microscopes for a reasonable price, especially in Austria. Years later, MICROS is dealing successful with microscopes and microtomes in countries all over the world.


Sample preparation is a very important step prior to its analysis
Only a good prepared sample can give diagnostically conclusive and correct information when observed under a microscope. Since 2014 MICROS focuses on extanding the already existing microtome models and separating the preparation and the analyzing equipment.

SECTIONS - sample preparation is now offering devices for creating high quality samples for analyzing like high precision rotary microtomes, consumables like microtome blades, base molds and trimming knife, water bath and slide dryer for stretching and drying the prepared sections.


Quality always pays off

ISO 9001 certification underlines the commitment of MICROS to maintain consistent standards of quality and competence in our dealings with our service and products and primarily with our partners. Since 2004 MICROS has a certified Quality Management.


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At a glance
New MS200 blade
Universal Blade, excellent durability
Perfectly suited for all histoid types
SEAFIRE - Tissue Water Bath
with under floor illumination
Fully Automatic Rotary Microtome
The powerful cutting motor drive
with safety function ensures high
section stability and precision.
Disposable blades MS100!
Island - All-In-One
Water Bath and Slide Dryer