Avalanche - Cooling Plate
Fast and easy cooling of paraffin blocks
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■ Safe removing of excess paraffin wax
■ Ergonomic slim design
■ Compact structure
■ Stable performance

With our Cooling Plate fast and easy cooling of paraffin blocks is possible, which guarantees an efficient workflow. The system is equipped with a micro-processor temperature control, which prevents paraffin blocks from cracking. The temperature range can be set between -2°C and -15°C and with the featured eco-compressor refrigeration system a long service life and efficient freezing is guaranteed.

The cooling plate made of high quality aluminium ensures a stable and smooth temperature performance. With the surrounded drain channel an overflowing of melting water is avoided. The user-friendly display ensures an easy operation.

▼ Technical Specifications

■ Temperature range: -2°C to -15°C
■ Frosting time: ≥ 5 min
■ Time to reach the set temperature: ≤ 15 min
■ Capacity of cooling plate: 48 pcs paraffin blocks
■ Power supply: 220V/50Hz
■ Dimensions: 535x330x358 mm
■ Dimensions cooling plate: 270x250 mm
■ Net weight: 20 kg

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