MICROS disposable microtome blades
Premium quality for highest sectioning precision

With our blades we keep pursuing premium quality of disposable blades for microtomes with an outstanding price/performance ratio. We ensure more sharpness and durability for highest sectioning precision for a long period of time.

Manufactured with technical expertise such as sophisticated heating process, excellent polishing and coating techniques to achieve an outstanding cutting performance. Less curling of sections ensures easier and faster attaching of sections onto the slides.

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Low Profile Blades - Highest quality made in Japan

For more than 5 years Micros Austria has been seeking to reach the optimum quality of disposable blades for microtomes. Now we are pleased to present you our new blades MS200 with Plasma Technology that improves sharpness and durability of the blades considerably.


Universal blade for daily routine, suitable for all types of tissue.Especially suitable for ribbon sectioning, excellent sharpness, even with very thin cuts. All-rounder with unique hardened blade cutting edge, excellent durability.


Robust universal blade designed for daily routine, with excellent sharpness and durability. All-purpose, even for difficult tissue. Teflon coated, giving this blade an excellent durability. For cryostat also very suitable


Blade for applications where extremely thin, high-quality sections are required. Suitable also for skin biopsy. Short trimming time and increased durability.


Suitable for hard tissue, but also for soft tissue and biopsies.Excellent long life and sharpness, very suitable for ribbon sectioning. For cryostat also very suitable

High Profile Blades - Highest quality made in Japan


Excellent references for cryostat and ribbon sectioning. Special hardened blade, short trimming time, excellent durability.

Comparison table MICROS disposable blades

Model Material Packaging Angle (°) Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Packaging size (mm) Weight (g)
MS200 UNIVERSAL stainless steel 50 35 80 8 0.25 116x53x25 100
MS100 stainless steel 50 35 80 8 0.25 116x53x25 100
MS33 stainless steel 50 35 80 8 0.25 116x53x25 100
MS24 stainless steel 50 35 80 8 0.25 116x53x25 100

HIGH PROFILE stainless steel 50 35 80 14 0.32 116x53x29 110

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New MS200 blade
Universal Blade, excellent durability
Perfectly suited for all histoid types
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The powerful cutting motor drive
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Disposable blades MS100!
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