Island - All-In-One
Water bath and slide dryer
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■ All-In-One, flattering, stretching, drying
■ Microprocessor temperature control
■ Ergonomic slim design
■ Compact structure
■ Stable performance

An essential equipment after creating microtome sections. Our Island is ideally used for flattening, stretching and drying paraffin embedded sections, all with one device ensuring an efficient workflow. The All-In-One water bath and slide dyer is mainly used in hospitals, medical laboratories, scientific research institutes, histological laboratories (production of histological sections and slides for pathological investigations and analysis). It offers a program control system which makes operation easier and more reliable. With its stable performance, small volume and light-weight, it is integrated perfectly in every workflow also in laboratories with tight spaces.

▼ Water Bath

The black painted tank ensures the ideal contrast for an efficient and convenient observation or selection of paraffin sections. With the detachable water tank easier replacement of water, cleaning and maintenance of the device is ensured.

▼ Slide Dryer

The “Stacking Tiles” styled hotplate with its 4 beveled levels can take a maximum of 16 slides at once. The stainless steel hotplate is also painted in black, which provides the ideal contrast for easy observation.

▼ Two seperate control panels

The water bath and the slide dryer are controlled independent of each other with two separate control panels.

▼ Microprocessor temperature control

The individual temperature of both water bath and slide dryer is set trough the control panels. The microprocessor controls the temperatures of both functions automatically and temperature adjustment can be set between ambient and 99°C. With the auto memory the last settings can be kept.

▼ Ergonomic Design

The compact and slim body of the device features a front panel which is tilted by 40°. The touch-sensitive control panels provide easy and convenient handling for the operator.

▼ Technical Specifications

■ Bath temperature range: between ambient and 99° C
■ Dryer temperature range: between ambient and 99° C
■ Time to reach the set temperature: Less than 30 minutes

■ Voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
■ Power: 260W (Bath 200W, Dryer 60W)

■ Dimensions: 415 x 310 x 120 mm
■ Dimensions water bath: 220 x 145 mm
■ Dimensions drying area: 248 x 107 mm
■ Weight: 5.45 kg

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Island - All-In-One
Water Bath and Slide Dryer