Manual Rotary Microtome with blade holder for disposable blades or steel knife holder
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Key Features
■ Section thickness 0.5 ~ 60 µm
■ Hand wheel locking integrated in hand wheel
■ Stable performance
■ Easy operation and exemplary comfort
■ Ergonomic design
■ ball bearing system
■ maintanance free
The Best Choice for Research and Routine Work in biological, medical and industrial field.
Made in Germany for MICROS Austria

The manual rotary microtomes offer sophisticated features for precise sectioning of paraffin embedded specimen for medical, biological and industrial applications to guarantee an efficient and precise workflow. The rotation of the hand wheel is light and smooth ensures an ergonomic handling of the instrument, which greatly reduces the operator's intensity in the sectioning job. The hand wheel locking is conveniently integrated in the wheel and is designed for one thumb use. Section thickness can be adjusted between 0.5 µm and 60 µm. The compact ergonomically design integrates a comfortable storage area for different handling tools.

▼ Exceptional Precision

Clearance Angle
For the optimal position of the blade for sectioning the angle of the cutting facet of the blade can be adjusted by moving the blade holder

▼ Highest Safety Standards

Hand wheel lock
With the conveniently integrated locking lever on the hand wheel the rotation of the wheel can be locked at one of the 24 locking positions.

Protection guard
The protection guard is to cover the cutting edge when the blade is inserted into the blade holder.

▼ Intuitive Handling

Adjusting section thickness
Turning the section thickness adjusting knob the section thickness is adjusted. The scale on the displaying window indicates the thickness. The red pointer indicates the thickness while turning the adjusting knob.

Coarse driving wheel
To adjust the distance between the blade and the specimen, Razor is equipped with a coarse advanced drive.

▼ Technical Specifications
Section thickness range 0.5~60 μm
Section thickness setting

2 µm – 0.5 µm, 0.5 µm increments
2 µm – 10 µm, 1 µm increments
10 µm – 20 µm, 2 µm increments
20 µm – 60 µm, 5 µm increment

Specimen vertical stroke 70 mm
Specimen horizontally stroke 40 mm
Coarse advance clockwise
Hand wheel locking integrated in hand wheel
Dimensions (W×D×H) 460×460×280 mm
Weight 36 kg

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