Fully Automatic Rotary Microtomes with blade holder for disposable blades or steel knife holder
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Key Features
■ Powerful cutting motor drive
■ High section stability and precision
■ Great user benefit and superior comfort
■ Specimen retraction function
■ High-Speed Button
The Best Choice for Research and Routine Work in biological, medical and industrial field.
Made in Germany for MICROS Austria

Razor-E offers great user benefit and gives superior comfort to the operator.The perfectly ergonomic arrangements of the control elements enable an effortless handling of the microtome. Section thickness can be adjusted between 0.5 µm - 60 µm and the automatic trimming in 3 steps: 1:10 µm, 2:20 µm, 3:30 µm. The automatic mode simplifies the technical difficulties of sectioning and reduces the operator labor intensity and makes work more efficient. A change between these two modes is quickly done.

▼ Exceptional Precision

The powerful cutting motor drive with safety function ensures high section stability and precision.

▼ Highest Safety Standards

Hand wheel lock
With the conveniently integrated locking lever on the hand wheel the rotation of the wheel can be locked at one of the 24 locking positions.

Protection guard
The protection guard is to cover the cutting edge when the blade is inserted into the blade holder.

Emergency shut down button
With the emergency shut down button the slicing process can be stopped immediately.

Specimen retraction function
To eliminate potential damage to the blade or the specimen during the upwards movement after the stroke. When the object after sectioning performs the return movement (upwards), it automatically moves back and before the next sectioning stroke, the object moves to its correct position.

▼ Intuitive Handling

The microtome is provided with an electronic servo-drive unit. This facilitates the operation considerably by a long persistent cutting. The cutting on the terminal is possible in 3 variations:
a) Tab operation, b) Single stroke, c) Continuous stroke

The cutting speed is adjustable on a resistance of 1 - 150 strokes per minute
Coarse advance left side with safety clutch
Fine adjustment with collision protection

▼ Technical Specifications
Section thickness range 0.5~60 μm
Section thickness setting

0.5 µm – 2 µm, 0.5 µm increments
2 µm – 10 µm, 1 µm increments
10 µm – 20 µm, 2 µm increments
20 µm – 60 µm, 5 µm increment

Specimen vertical stroke 70 mm
Specimen horizontally stroke 40 mm
Coarse advance manually by hand wheel left side
Object orientation X- and Y-axes 8°, Z-axes 360°
Object retraction On upward movement 80 µm
Hand wheel locking integrated in hand wheel, comfortably positioned for the user
Cutting Count Integrated, with LCD-display/4 numbers
Automatic trimming In 3 steps: 1:10 µm, 2:20 µm, 3:30 µm
Dimensions (W×D×H) 550×460×280 mm


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