Oasis - Water Bath
Water bath and slide dryer
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■ Anodized black surface
■ Transparent glass lid
■ Compact structure
■ Stable performance

The Oasis water bath is used for flattening paraffin embedded sections. The anodized black surface offers best contrast in identifying sections. Temperatures range is set between ambient and 75°C.

With the Oasis Water Bath you will discover clear samples which offer an amazing contrast thanks to the black ground which makes selecting and picking up sections onto a slide efficient and convenient. The transparent glass lid keeps the heat more evenly and reduces heat loss.

▼ Technical Specifications

■ Relative humidity: Less then 85%
■ Bath temperature range: ambient - 75°C
■ Voltage: 110V, 60Hz or 220V, 50Hz
■ Power: 400W
■ Bath Dimensions: Ø 210 mm, Depth 65 mm

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